Imam Musa Kazim (as) - The Blessed Baby

When Janabe Hamida (as) became pregnant during that happy period of time; she was taken to Allah's Sacred House by Abu 'Abd Allah (al-Sadiq) when he went to perform the religious duty of the hajj. After they had finished the ceremonies of the hajj, they came back to Yethrib (Medina). When they reached al-Abwa', Hamida felt labor and she sent for the Imam telling him of the matter, for he had asked her not to precede him in respect with his child. 

      Abu 'Abd Allah al-Sadiq was having food a long with a group of his companions. When he heard of the good news, he hurried to her. Shortly after his arrival, Hamida gave birth to one of the masters of the Muslims and of the Imams of Ahl al-Bayt.

The world shone with this blessed baby like whom none was born at his time and was greater than him in bless, benefit, and favor toward Islam.

He was born (and his birthday) indicated that he would be the most pious of the people, the kindest of them to the poor, the greatest of them in tiredness and ordeals for Allah, the greatest of them in worship and fear of Allah.

Imam Abu 'Abd Allah (al-Sadiq) hurried and received his baby; he performed for him the religious ceremonies of birth; he said the adhan in his right ear and the iqama in his left ear.

The first picture Imam Musa saw was that of his father like whom there was none under the sky in highness, greatness and importance after his forefathers. The first word he heard was that of monotheism having the full meaning of faith.

Imam Abu 'Abd Allah (al-Sadiq) returned to his companions smiling, so one of them asked him: "My master, may Allah make you glad and make us your ransom, what has Hamida done?"

The Imam gave them good news of his blessed baby telling them of his great affair, saying: "Allah has given a boy to me; he is the best of those Allah has created."

Yes, he was the best of those Allah has created in knowledge, piety, rightness, and cleaving to the religion. Imam al-Sadiq informed his companions of that his son would be among the Imams of Ahl al-Bayt, peace be on them, to whom obedience Allah made incumbent on His servants, saying to them: "Follow him; by Allah, he will be your leader."[1]

Imam Musa was born at al-Abwa'. It was said that he was born in Yethrib (Medina).[2] This (narration) is contrary to the unanimous agreement of the historians. He was born in the year 128 A. H.[3] It was said that he was born in the year 129 A. H.[4] That was during the reign of 'Abd al-Malik b. Merwan.

Imam Abu 'Abd Allah (al-Sadiq), peace be on him, did not stay for a long time in al-Abwa'; rather he left it and headed for Yethrib (Medina). When he arrived in it, he immediately made a banquet to honor his baby; he gave food to the people for three days.[5] His followers came to him, congratulated him on his blessed baby and took part in his delight and gladness.


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