Opinioons of Sunni Scholars Regarding Imam Kazims (as) Appointment

Sadruddin-e-Hanafi Kadri in ‘Kitab-e-Rawa-e-hool Mustafa,’ mentions what many a Sunni Aalim has said about Imam Musa Kazim.

In Kitabey Rauzatul Ahbab and Sawaahaydoon Nabooway and Taarikay ibne Khallaykan it is mentioned that Imam Musa Kazim was the seventh of the twelve Imams and his titles are Kazim, Abdus Saleh, Saabir Saleh, Zainul Mujtahaydeen, and the period of his Imamate was 35 years. 

Shaikh Abdul Haq Dehalvi (Hanafi) says in Sher-e-Miskat, that Imam Shafei has said that the Tomb of Imam Musa Kazim has become a sanctified place for the fulfillment of one’s wishes and his wonderful knowledge and dealings with people clearly showed that he was pious, virtuous and endowed with knowledge from the Holy Prophet. In his speech he never hurt anyone and whatever he said no one could dispute or challenge.

Ibne Khallakan says that Khateb-e Bhagdadee has said that Imam Musa was known as the Righteous because of his prayers and supplications; he was well known as Kazim, and he set about his way in such an humble manner, that he even forgave his enemies.

In ‘Sawaaykul Moreka’ Ibne Hazar-e-Hanafi mentions that Imam Musa Kazim was the natural successor of Imam Ja’far Sadiq in knowledge of religion, in his behavior towards the people, and in his miracles; his knowledge was beyond the bounds of ordinary mortals and as he used to restrain his temper and forgive people he was called Kazim; the people of Iraq used to take his name as intercessor to God, and get their supplications granted. He was the greatest religious authority of his times and greatest giver of charity.

Yaafeyee Yemani, in his book ‘Miraatool Jinnan’, mentions that Imam Musa Kazim was pious, charitable, virtuous and a person commanding great respect and was known as Abdus Saleh. He was one of the Twelve Imams, who spent his time in fervent prayer.

In the book ‘Rauzatoos Safa,’ Mamoon Rashid has mentioned that he had heard form his father Haroon Rashid, that Imam Musa was the Imam, and the Imam of his time and the Caliph for everyone. “And I (Haroon Rashid) am the Imam for oppression and injustice and still I am the Imam of my time, and I swear on God, that Imam Musa is the rightful heir to the Holy Prophet. I admit that I do not care for the good of my people and I am heartless and cruel. I swear on God, that if my son were to oppose me, I would tear out his eyes, for according to me I will not tolerate any opposition and interference in the sate.” Further adds Haroon Rashid, “that this Musa Kazim is the Successor of the Holy Prophet of Islam and if anyone wants to have the knowledge of Islam, he should go to the Imam Musa Kazim.” When I heard these words from my father, Mamoon says that the love of the Ahl-ul-Bait became firm in my heart and felt that they (the Ahl-ul-Bait) should be respected and given the great importance that they deserve and under no circumstances should they be troubled.

Shaikh Abdulla bin Mohammad bin Aamir Sibraawee Shafei, in his book Ittayhaf bay Hoobbil Asraaf (Egypt) mentions that Imam Musa Kazim was the seventh of the Imams.