The Miracles of Imam Musa Kazim

The miracles of Imam Musa Kazim have been mentioned by many learned divines of the Sunni Community.

Shaikh Abdullah ibn Muhammad Aamayree Sibraawee Shafei in his book ‘Ittayhaf,’ mentions that when Imam Musa Kazim was in prison during the time of Caliph Haroon al Rashid, Kazi Abu Yusuf and Muhammad ibn Hasan Shaybani (Both learned divines of the Sunni community and followers of Abu Hanifa) visited the Imam at night to ask him about some urgent problems. The guard of the prison came to the Imam and told him that as his duty was over, he was going home and would return the next day. Then before leaving, he asked the Imam if he had any work which needed to be done. The Imam answered in the negative and the guard departed.

After the guard left, the Imam told his guests that the guard would die tonight. They were shocked to hear this and in the excitement forgot to clarify their problems, and left the prison. On the way they were saying there was no doubt that the Imam knew the hidden secrets, but to verify this statement they deputed someone to go to the guard’s house and wait outside to find out the truth of the Imam’s statement. In the middle of the night, the person who was sent to watch, heard the sound of crying, and upon making inquiries, he was informed that the prison guard had died. He returned to Kazi Abu Yusuf who had sent him, and informed him of this. All were wonder-struck and fully realized the powers of the Imam.

Sadruddin Hanafi Kadri in his book, ‘Rawaayhool Mustafa’ mentions from ‘Rauzatool Ahbab’ that Badrey, a slave of Imam Ali Reza narrates the following incident: ‘Once Ishaq Ibne Amman was present in the company of Imam Musa Kazim, when a person from Korashan came and sat down in the congregation. This person spoke to the Imam in a language unknown to anyone else. The Holy Imam spoke to the stranger in the same dialect. Ishaq was wondering what language this could be and asked the Imam for some clarification. He was informed that this was spoken in Tibet and China. Ishaq told the Imam that since you have always been in this part of the world, how is it that you know the dialect of a place which you have never visited. The Imam told him there is no speech unknown to one who is real Imam and whose appointment was made by God and the Holy Prophet. Even the language of birds, animals and fish is known to us!

Sadruddin Hanafi, in his book, Rewa-e-Hool Mustafa, mentions that after the death of Imam Ja’far Sadiq, in complete disregard for the instructions left behind, Abdulla Aftah, one of his sons, proclaimed himself as Imam.
Imam Musa Kazim, who had been appointed as Imam by his father Imam Ja’far Sadiq, had ordered a bundle of firewood to his house, and send his brother Abdulla Aftah who posed as the Imam. He lighted the wood, and the fire started to burn. Imam Musa Kazim stood up and with his clothes walked into the fire and sat in it, and from there he talked to the people who were his guests. Then he came out from the fire and dusted the ash from his clothes and turned towards Abdulla and told him that since he was making claims on the Imamat, he should not be afraid to walk into the fire. Abdulla the imposter was so frightened that he quickly walked out from the Imam’s house.